About Us

About Us

Roo Resumes Story and how we began by Andrea

Roo Resumes was born on a beach walk with my friend and colleague Judith in Adelaide back in early January 2013. Frustrated with my 360 role in Recruitment, working long hours every single day and wanting more “life work balance”, I talked about offering a potential solution to a massive employment and networking gap that I had identified within the Australian job market. In particular, having worked with so many new or existing migrants who arrive here to start a dream life and need a job urgently in Australia. I saw that many of them seemed to arrive here in Australia with so much to offer an employer of choice, but simply put, did not have the network or knowledge required to actually understand how it works in order to land their first job. I really felt a sense of purpose to help them, and to continue to help them as their careers develop and grow their lives here down under in Australia.

Working with Judith's then 10 year old son who has Asperger syndrome, Thomas sat alongside with me and helped me develop and design and subsequently launch Roo Resumes first website in the comfort of his very own bedroom. I even remember our colour scheme been purple, because that was my twin sister’s favorite colour, grey and pink. I actually laugh now as I literally hid myself away with Thomas for 5 solid days bringing this idea and solution to life and so, Roo Resumes was born. I am really proud of our story and how we strive to care for and help and support people from all walks of life and more importantly how Thomas assisted me back in the first days of my baby, my first ever and only business been launched.

Since then, we have since built up a strong reputation in Australia and I have hired a specialized team of Certified Resume Writers and Business Development Managers and HR Consultants that look after our valued clients in Australia, New Zealand, UAE, USA, UK and Canada. The majority of my team also have young children or families of their own to support and came to me looking for a degree of flexibility and that “life work balance” that I desperately wanted for myself and my son, Harvey who changed my world in March 2016.

Together, as a team, our knowledge and expertise comes across a broad range of industry sectors and countries which exceeds 50 years. I am passionate about adding value to our clients and the journey they take with us, and I only hire people that care about the journey our clients go on with us. We understand the pressure you feel and know that this can be quite difficult and challenging time arriving in a new country with so much to do. Rest assured, at Roo Resumes, we are here to help you and we will ensure that we align you with the best contact in our business who can share their network and knowledge and expertise with you.

Roo Resumes specialise in writing professional Resumes, covering letters, LinkedIn profiles with training and key selection criteria documents. We also service a number of tender and bids for upcoming projects in the market. What makes us really special is the level of aftercare support we provide our clients with after we have delivered a quality product into your inbox. We care about your career and we value and appreciate your business with us today. Order today on here and one of the friendly team members will contact you soon.