Meet the Team

Team of Roo Resumes Experts

Andrea (Anj)
ANZ, UAE, UK, Canada

Global Operations Manager

Andrea has recruited across a wide range of industry sectors, working in the delivery of senior executive assignments based both Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Asia and The Middle East. Degree Educated, Andrea offers an exclusive Resume Writing services to a portfolio of clients based in Melbourne, England, The Middle East, APAC, USA, India, Pakistan, New Zealand and South Africa. Andrea compliments her industry experience with two Diplomas achieved in Human Resources & Business Management and is a qualified Body Language Coach & LinkedIn Trainer.


Business Development Manager, Sydney

Diane has joined the Sydney team as our dedicated Business Development Manager. Diane has a strong background in Logistics and Supply Chain, Administration Support and Accounting and Finance and enjoys helping her clients achieve their career goals. Diane is an experienced Account Manager who started her career in the Motor Services industry working in Credit Control and Finance before working across a number of client facing roles in the UK. In 2000, Diane moved into the Logistics and Transportation sector before joining a small family business running their Office Support, Administration and HR team.


Certified Resume Writer, Australia

Perfection is a word deeply resting in a dictionary, no one has actually achieved it. As much as one may be in command of their core field there is always a percentage of flaw staring blankly at you. For some the percentage is high and for others, it is less. For those people who fall in the less category in the world of resume writing, Amrita helps them to get their messages out clearly, concisely and accurately. As a CPRW certified, she has worked for top-notch clients who were associated with big giants such as Google, Facebook, Walt Disney, LinkedIn, IBM, Microsoft etc. To name a few, she has received testimonials from VP-Citibank, CEO – IMFL, Managing Director, Asia Globe Trade Ltd, IBM-Country Head and more. While wearing the cap of a resume writer, she has gained exposure to work with clients ranging from different Industry backgrounds such as HR, Travel, IT, Healthcare, Construction, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Banking, Retail and much more. Currently associated with Roo Resumes as a Freelancer.


Certified Resume Writer, Australia

Ragina likes to ensure her valued clients at Roo Resumes will vouch for our services and delivery. Rags has helped junior, mid-range and senior executive professionals ranging across a wide stream of industry sectors including but not limited to engineering, Telecoms, IT, FMCG and Construction sector- the list is endless who have benefited in securing great roles and work assignments! As much as one may be in command of their core field there is always a percentage of flaw staring blankly at you. We work with you to understand your strengths and to build the gap between your skills and valued added benefits you bring to a team or companies culture. Rags works closely with her valued clients and team of Consultants at Roo Resumes ensuring she tailors a unique brand new professional Resume that not only tells your story, but also sells your brand and above all matches the market that you have a desire or skill set to work in.

Judi Roo

Aftercare Support Services Manager, Australia

Judi is our Practice Manager and is based in Adelaide. Degree Educated, Judi offers a broad range of recruitment skills and expertise tailored towards the international and local market and has been consulting to Roo Resumes since our journey began. Following on from her success at Roo Resumes, she was promoted to Practice Leader in 2016 and works out of Adelaide where she lives with her family. Judi moved to Australia over 13 years ago and has a solid understanding of the Australian market across a wide range of business sectors and looks after clients based in Adelaide.